Wow. Tonight was totally awesome.

Tonight was the first weekly meeting for CCC and it was just totally awesome. I usually run the sound, and I was just totally amazed at how many people came and how well the meeting ran technically. The praise band was just on tonight, all the media we used worked with no glitches, which by the way never happened last year. Even with some last minute changes, somehow I didn’t miss any of the mic cues. All of which was definitely, God working through us. There were plenty of times we could have made a human mistake, but every time, the right thing was done at the right time.

I just cannot get over how God always seems to put the right talent in the right place at the right time. Not only does God put the right talent in the right place, but he even brings all the people that he wants us to minister to. I mean sure we tried to let the whole campus know about our meeting, but there were a gazillion other things people could have done besides come to our meeting.

So now the “aftermath”. If your a praying person, pray that God give us guidance as to how we should follow through on what He has given us. Also, I tend to be more of an introvert, but I really need to consistently, meet new people that I can minister to.

So, now I’m really excited for this next school year and the awesome things I expect God to do through CCC.

Until later…