Well, It's been a long time since I have posted. I've been really busy with things like school, work, campus ministry, church, etc.

It must now be fall, on most days I can drive around with the windows open. I like driving around with the windows open, or at least with the A/C off. My gas mileage has greatly increased and if I need to gun it to get away from something, I can.

Speaking of driving and my car, I'm beginning to wonder why they use and made hard plastic door handles. Did they not realize this plastic would become brittle after a few summers and then break off? Maybe it is part of their plan to make money, but nonetheless it is annoying. My inside door handle broke off of my car a few weeks age and today I finally got around to moving the handle from the back to the front. Now I need get another one for the back door.

I wonder if I can get a blank plate to put over the hole were the back door handle was. Then, I could have “prisoners.” Not that I want to have prisoners, it was really just a random idea.

So work is the usual thing, you go into the office, you sit in front of the computer all day then, you go home. Not too much exciting news there. Once I graduate I will have found a new job. It should be more exciting, but I will still have to sit in front of a computer all day.

School is almost over. I graduate soon, I'm starting to get excited. Of the somewhat difficult things that remain, I have two presentations, one which is part of a competition. At first I just wanted to get into the competition, but now, I want to win the competition.

Professors are odd, especially the ones who are supposed to be doctors. Sometimes I wonder if they live under a rock, especially when they say that Pfizer working with managed care is what made them the number one pharmaceutical company. Hello! Pfizer is also famous for making a little pill called Viagra. Wouldn't one think that this small miracle drug helping old people everywhere enjoy life had something to do with Pfizer being number one in the pharmaceutical industry? This professor has made other keen observations that when you start to think about them, they just do not add up.

If anyone did not get the memo, my paper is finished. Yep, it had to be a paper on the most boring topic in the world, the rubber and tire industry. You can't totally blame me for the topic, there were only five to chose from, and I picked last, so I had the honor of writing a paper on the rubber and tire industry.

One of these days I will work on my Web site some more, but until then, this journal is the only real content.

Well, I think this is enough for one day so until next time…