This entry is more of a rant than anything else. I'm sure some will be offended if not all who read this, but I have to get it out.

Today being Monday (Tuesday as I write this), I watched Everwood. I don't know why I started watching that sitcom, but I've been watching since the first show. The first season I was wondering what would happen to Colin, which is why I started watching the second season.

Tonight's show addressed an issue appropriate for older audiences (parental guidance required if your a minor SERIOUSLY). If you have not already guessed, this was an episode dealing with sex. Most will think that it was a well orchestrated episode to deal with a sensitive subject. I personllay object to that sort of thinking.

  1. The writers attempt to portray sex as something which is ok if you have fully considered all the consequences as evidenced by Amy Abbott's (?SP) visit with Dr. Brown.

Sex IS NOT ok if you have thought of all the things that could go wrong and use birth control.

Birth control is not one hundred percent effective, society does not tell you that birth control is not one hundred percent effective, but there are cases where it has not worked you could be one in a million or more, but you don't know your that person until after the fact. Secondly, condoms do not prevent STDs. I don't know the exact numbers, but condoms basically leak naturally.

  1. Amy's friend implies that sex is ok if you trust the person with whom your having sex.

Wrong again. Sex IS NOT ok if you trust the person.

Just because you trust someone does not necessarily mean you should have sex with them. See my reasoning further below.

  1. Ephram tells Madison that he would want her to be happy if they were to have sex.

Once again, good thought, but not right. Sex IS NOT ok even if you want the other person to be happy.

There are plenty of other things you can do to make a person happy, although sex can be satisfying, a persons happiness is not the sole reason for having sex.

  1. Dr. Brown invites Linda to stay overnight at his house. She wanted him to make sure it was ok with the children. Both of them knew what would be happening in the bedroom.

However, sex IS NOT ok just because your children are ok with your significant other staying overnight at your house.

I know, this is a weak point to draw from the show, but it is there if you watch. Just because people think having sex is ok, that does not make it ok. This leads to the old statement saying, “If your best friend told you it was ok to jump off the bridge would you?”

  1. Finally, you see Ephram and Madison in the car at what is “the point” making out and then undressing each other. I think we all know the writers of the show want us to conclude that the time is finally “right” for them to have sex.

So, when is the right time to have sex or to start having sex?

I firmly believe the only time it is right for a male and female to begin having sex with each other is after they have been married.

I believe that we have devalued sex so much so that even on TV they can say that sex is meaningless. Sex is not meaningless. Sex is a man and women physically expressing their unity together. There are several side tangents I can chase at this point but I will avoid them.

Some of the reasons above can be perfectly good reasons to have sex AS LONG AS the sex is between a married couple and only a married couple.

I have watched our society erode for far to long. It is time I take a stand for what I believe, even if no one reads this journal…