Well, during the last week I was in Pittsburgh for a business trip. Pittsburgh was cold, I think it was in the teens when we got off the plane, but by friday the temperature was in the 50s and 60s, then when we were leaving it snowed.

We went to Pittsburgh by way of New York, NY on two different airlines. I don't want to do that again. We spent a lot of time going through security and retrieving and re-checking baggage. I think by the end of the trip I found the most efficient way to get through the security check point. If only other people could figure it out. Here's a few tips, wear tennis shoes, they don't contain metal, unload your pockets into one of your carry on bags, you'll spend less time collecting your stuff on the other side and be ready to show off your computer on request.

Pittsburgh vs. New York… Well, this is a hard comparision… I was in NY for 2-3 hrs. at the most traveling from JFK to LGA. I think NY is a lot bigger. I liked Pittsburgh better, things were a little more spread out and generally seemed cleaner.

So… what did I do in my spare time… Well, what spare time? I didn't have much of that. On monday I went to a Penguins game. They really need some work, I was not impressed by the hockey team. They looked like they don't practice or something. Then on friday I ventured out to Station Square to eat at Hard Rock. I was never at HR during dinner. I think I found a new place to go to for birthdays, they announce your birthday to the whole restaurant and everyone says, “Happy Birthday!” I wanted to ride one of those car things up the mountain to see the city but the weather was not very good for that.

“Subway? You mean they have a subway?”

That was our response when the desk clerk at the hotel said to take the subway to Station Square. We had been in Pittsburgh for 3 days and didn't even know they had a subway.

I still want to go to NY and be a tourist, but it will have to wait until I have the time. There are lots of places I would like visit and be a tourist, but I think NY is still on the top of my list.

I'm sure one day I will go back to Pittsburgh on more business, I won't mind too much as it seems to be a nice city.