New road bicycle. After some careful consideration and throwing my saving plans to the wind for another couple of weeks, I have decided to purchase a shiny new road bike. Although I would normally have waited to make this purchase, I came across a deal I couldn't really pass up.

So. That means I'm going home again this weekend to pick up the bike and I'll probably bring my mountain bike and try to get in a ride up north. There are some trails that weren't open when I left for college that should be worth a spin.

This past saturday was my brother's eighteenth birthday. So now he's a legal adult, whatever that means. I think he's going to miss the regularly scheduled breaks at work, I know I did. Somedays I would be looking forward to a break but get busy and have to work straight through.

While I was home for my brother's birthday I took some time to ride Quiet Waters park with my dad. I was impressed by my ability to ride pretty much everything, but I found out how out of shape I am. I need to ride a lot more during the week. The park trail maintainers have changed up some parts of the trail since I last rode it over 4 years ago. I like the way the re-worked the end. The trail use to go to the top of a small hill then decend down to a log you had to clear at the bottom. Apparently, the sand at the bottom got too soft so they built up a banked corner. I think it's much more fun now because you fly down the hill and around the corner.

After our bike ride we went to a couple of bike shops to look at some road bikes. We saw my dad's friend Vince and he told me what size bikes I should be looking at to prevent me from being sold some bike the shop wanted to clear out of their inventory. After a little catching up there, we were off to a bike shop a little closer to home to see if there were any bargins. Sure enough, they had a 853 steel frame bike 2003 model on clearance. My dad and I both thought it was a good deal, but since I hadn't take my wallet with me on the bike ride, I couldn't get the bike, so I will be going back home this weekend to pay for it and pick it up. (Now this entry had gone in a circle.)