Well, I've been avoiding Wal-Mart like the plague and today I was reminded of why I generally avoid the monstroscity. I was looking for some camping supplies for this weekend, and since I decided to go shopping so late, Wal-Mart was the only choice. I don't understand why so many people want to shop there. The store constanly has boxes on the floor making it difficult to navigate, and nothing is ever where I expect it to be. It really just seems like more of a hassle to me. I'd rather buy my groceries at Publix and go to Target for general items. Wal-Mart is my last resort.

I'm getting excited about this weekend. I'm going camping at Paynes Prarie near Gainesville. It should be a pretty fun trip. I have now added a lantern and a canvas chair to my camping gear 🙂 Hopefully I will take lots of pictures to show when I get back.

In other news I have decided to coach T-Ball this spring. I'm looking forward to meeting my team. I like the way our church has setup the league. It's very laid back, the teams only practice once a week and all the games are on Saturday. Because the church is running the league we can pray during practice and hold a little Bible study. I like the idea behind this setup, we'll see how much I like in May 🙂 That's when the season will be over.

That's all folks!