Well, it's been a while since I posted.

For those wondering… my car is pretty much back to a drivable condition (long story). This means I got new rims to replace the bent ones, and a new mounting bracket for my bumper. I still need to get the transmission pan looked at, the starter replaced, an inpection for any other potential problems and the wheels balanced and aligned. So I will soon have an unplanned rather expensive day at the shop.

On the news tonight there was mention of a car crash as the result of street racing. The state is considering making street racing a first degree mistomenor (sp?). Although that is a tougher pentaly than previously, I think we are too nice to people who endanger the lives of others by illegally racing their cars on the streets. There is a time and place for racing. That time and place is on a race track. On a race track it is more likely that the proper precautions have been made for the saftey of the fans and the drivers.

There have been several political comments made recently. To be honest, I'm not totally infavor of either candidate. Having said that my least favorite has to be John Kerry, his latest TV ad in FL claims he would petition other countries for help in Iraq. If I remember correctly President Bush did petition the world for help with Iraq and aside from those who have helped, the rest of the world decided it was not in their best intrest to become involved in the Iraq situation. So I'm not sure how he thinks he could do better. I do not know of other details of either campaign for election, but I think that as long as we have soldiers fighting in Iraq and around the world, they will remain a top priority.

Recently, some photos of cofins being sent back to the US have been posted on the internet. There is now a debate regarding whether or not the photos should have been released. I think we should see photos of the cofins as long as names are not released with the photos. I think we as Americans need to be reminded that our fellow Americans are losing their lives fighting in an attempt to grant freedom to the Iraqi people. If we are not reminded of the price for freedom, we will take it for granted and could lose our freedom in the end.