Chairman Rich Crotty is pushing for a `High Tech Corridor' from UCF to the airport.

Orlando Sentinel Story

The article of the day was actually from yesterday's news so deal with it. This article caught my attention b/c I'm moving to an apartment near Avalon Park. You'd think I'd be glad they are putting a road through that will connect the Beeline and Avalon Parkway, but I'm not sure what to think. In reality what will is that the county will put the road in, and immediately following the surrounding area will turn to concrete. There will be several more developments where all the houses are the same, and when you're on the can you could ask your neighbor for TP if you run out. Before you know it all of Florida is going to be one giant rock. There will be several new extinct species and because we covered all the land, we'll be pumping the ocean dry for drinking water.

Ok, I'll admit that's a little extreme, but do we really need to this road expansion, do we really need a second research park, why not redesign the old one to add more capacity, certainly some of those buildings can be demolished for a high rise type building and parking garages can be put in for everyone's cars. I don't see why everything UCF builds seems to be under 6 stories tall. Why do we need more communities, why not build high rise condos, they would give people the sense ownership they desire but conserve green space because condos can be built up instead of out.

Furthermore, if communities were more concentrated public transit could be enhanced such that not everyone would need a car to complete day to day tasks. There could be reasonable train and bus routes people could use in-place of their SUV's.