“Mobs Attack Indian Theaters”

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The above story has found it's way here b/c it illustrates something that has been sort of bugging me lately. Here in the US people used to take a stand for what they believed in. It seems that over the years, those who take a stand or try to make a statement are quickly shot down as being extremist(s). Wasn't an extremist who took her seat on a bus and refused to give it up to the white men. Wasn't it an extremist who had a dream? Both Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for what they believed in and inspired others to do like wise. Because of that we have forever changed the American perspective regarding color. I'm not saying racism has been eliminated, I think it still goes on everyday, but if a few people didn't stand up for their beliefs and start a movement, our country would not have granted the civil rights known today, and we would not be talking about racism as though it were a thing of the past (even though it has not been totally eliminated).

I personally think we need to call for an end to political correctness, and call it like we see it.

I've posted before that I'm not a huge fan of either political party, and I'll still stand by that. Unfortunately both party's platforms have taken a stand which I would disagree with on certain issues. I also feel that the current to party system is ineffective in changing things for the better, mainly do the the lack of activism by the people. Instead we allow lobbyist with their own agendas to be the voice of the people, we have given our vote to the highest bidder, and quite frankly, that sucks.

Granted I don't know everything about how the world operates (politically), I think we the people need to speak out and make our voices heard lest we allow our land to be ruled by the voice with the most money.

Ok, enough complaining about apathy in our society…