I've finally found a home for my stuff!

When I moved to the new apartment, I unpacked most of my stuff and found a place for it. There were a lot of things I just piled into the office and my bedroom so I could just have them out of the way. Well now, I've finally put all that stuff somewhere. It's either in the trash, or somewhere I can find it when I need it.

All this productivity is due to the lack of cable/internet for an entire week. I actually saw the situation as somewhat humorous. We survived the hurricane, even had cable for a week or so, then the cable randomly went out. It took them a whole week to fix the problem, whatever it was. In the meantime, I drove over to my co-worker's place for internet and working.

I think Monday or Tuesday night I will post all the pictures mentioned in previous posts. I have finally sorted through them and picked out the ones that were in focus and somewhat properly exposed. Now I just need to crop them and make them a reasonable size for the Internet.

Oh, there's yet another Cat. 4 hurricane out there. Hopefully it does not hit Florida, but we won't know anything until Wednesday at the earliest.

One last thing… I was looking at a friend's journal and found a quiz that was ok so here's the result…

You are Film.

You are the youngest of the art forms and you have
a lot to prove. A blend of Photography and
Drama, it's difficult to see you as a unique

What form of art are you?

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