I was at Catalyst the other week playing catch phrase. I ended up on the co-ed team (we had more guys than women so guys vs. girls didn't work). On of the girls gave the following phrase as a hint to the word she had: “You need a license to wear these.” I have to admit I was clueless as to what she was taking about even after she said cyclists wear them. The word was Spandex.

So that got me to thinking… Who gives licenses to wear spandex. Cyclists, especially road bikers, have very good reason for wearing such tight shorts. They don't get caught on anything on the bike, they don't catch air to slow you down, and most importantly the seat is padded. However, I can see some instances that would not permit spandex, even if you were on a bike. People who are excessively overweight should not be in spandex, nor should they ride with out their clothing adequately covering their backs. Also the casual ride to the kwiki mart is not an occasion for spandex. So, comment away, what are the requirements for the license for wearing spandex.

If your wondering, I would never wear spandex unless I'm on my bike, there are just some things that will never come back to being in fashion.