While I wasn’t a huge fan of mountain bike racing, it could have been b/c Carter RD is one of the most challenging trails in the state and to be honest, I didn’t have the skills. Nonetheless I have not given up on mountain biking. Over the past few weeks I’ve decided to start preparing for, the 3rd Tour De Felasco, a 50 mile trail ride through the San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park. I saw this as a challenage. It’s not a race, so it’s just a matter of finishing. Recently, I found out about the IDIDARIDE, which is another 50 mile ride going down in the Suwannee River region (North FL where I-10 and I-75 intersect) put on by the Suwannee Bicycle Association.

I like the idea of these epic rides and am wondering if I could be physically prepared to do two of these rides in 2 weeks. Which then raises the question of whether or not I’d want to participate in a 12 hr team relay ride that normally happens in late February or early March. The team relay ride is different in that most teams have a one lap rotation.

Getting back to the subject of this entry. The question is whether or not I should go for riding the Suwannee IDIDARIDE in addition to the Tour De Felasco. I think it is possible to do both, I’m just not 100% sure I want to do both rides.