Yesterday, I went for a bike ride. A forty mile bike ride. I met up with a group of people from the Ridge Riders mountian biking club and we rode from the Santos trail head to the end of the trail west of the landbridge and back. One of the riders noted that we spent about 4 hrs. on the bike and about 5 to 5.5 hrs. total on the trails (including rest stops). I had a great time, the last three miles where really hard to complete due to nearly complete exhaustion.

Today I thought I’d be in a lot of pain and that my legs would be like rubber but, aside from a little muscle pain, I feel pretty good. I think I will try to do a short road ride tomorrow just to keep the muscles devloping. I plan to complete the 50 mile IDIDARIDE and get the T-Shirt, then a six hr. race followed by the Croom Challege and finally, some sort if racing for the 12 hrs. of Reddick (there’s a six hr. solo option).