I rode the IDIDARIDE challenge this past Saturday and got the t-shirt. The ride was very different from Santos. First, there was close to 300 riders out there. Once we hit the dirt I knew I was in for a long day, unlike Santos, which is well packed, a lot of the trail near the Suwannee River was soft from the recent rains, it takes much more engery to pedal through the soft dirt than it does to pedal through the hardpack dirt at Santos. Then I realized there were actual elevation changes, anything that goes down, goes back up. The best part of the ride were the SAG stops. (SAG stops are places to stop and get some food and help fixing your bike if needed.) There were also several water crossings and lots of mud holes. All of that took a toll on the bike and it badly needed washing once the ride was over.

Speaking of the bike. Tonight I finished replacing the bottom bracket (the ball bearings the pedals rotate on). The wet muddy ride in north Florida helped the bottom bracket wear out sooner than desired. I think I have the bike all adjusted and ready to go for Sunday’s 6 hrs. of Carter Rd. Park. This will be a six hr. solo endurance race. The object will be to do the most laps in the least amount of time. If two people do the same number of laps, total time will be used as a tie breaker. My friend Josh will be doing the race as well. My brother (among others) should be coming out to this ride to help with logistics in the pit and take some pictures. Hopefully I will have some pictures from the race posted next week.