It has been a while since the IDIDARIDE. I entered a 6 hr. solo race the following weekend. Due to problems with my knee I only did 4 laps. The following weekend’s ride at Croom was also ruled out. My knee has gotten better, but it is not perfect. I should probably see a doctor about it, but have not been able to take the time to get all of that set up.

Since I didn’t go on the Croom ride, I went to see Tony play some songs at “Austin Film and Coffee.” After we finished there, we went back to Matt, Jeremy, Josh and Justin’s and watched Achorman. On Saturday I went bowling and on Sunday I went to watch the Super Bowl with my Sunday school class. Then a long week of work began and the following weekend was welcomed.

This past weekend I went to see a comedian at church and celebrate my friend Laura’s birthday at Downtown Disney. Then on Saturday there was the men’s bar-b-que. That brings us to today. After work I went over to my friend Kristy’s for dinner with Matt, Jeremy and Kirsten. Kristy and Kirsten cooked up some meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. The dinner was very good and satisfying. After dinner we had desert provided by Jeremy and Kirsten, which was two flavors of ice cream and cookies. All the food was delicious and a great time was had by all.