Seems like it’s time for an update.

Well, I just noticed under my last entry, it seems I still get comment spam. I’ll have to figure out what the deal is with that so if anyone actually reads this they don’t get confused. I also need to work on getting my photo gallery linked to the main web site. Hopefully I will be able to make some time to update my web site.

Work has been really busy. We’ve been working on a new project that allows attorneys to update their cases remotely. The project has been really interesting. I like working on it because it has a couple different parts that are like mini projects. Once I get a little thing finished for one part of the project, I can move on to something else. I also like that the other developer and myself are able to make most of the decisions on how to implement minor and not quite major aspects of the project.

We also have a video archive project coming up. A lot of our code from the previous project can be reused but it will have some of its own hurdles. I’m thinking about dedicating some time and space here to explain how to do some of the more interesting parts of the project.

In my spare time I’ve taken up coaching T-Ball again. This year I’m the assistant coach for a K-1 team, the Pirates. Hopefully practice will start next week once I attend a short class required by the church.

This weekend I will be going to the men’s retreat with the church. I’m hoping to get some spiritual nurishment along with meeting other men in the church. We are staying at the Wyndham Palace Resort and watching some basket ball friday night.

I’ve also started looking into the possibility of buying a townhome or a condo. Orlando is a pretty “hot” market right now so prices are a lot higher than I had expected them to be. I’d really like to find a townhome with a garage. I’d rather not buy a house because I do not want to deal with the outdoor maintenance. It seems the best option to get exactly what I want is to buy something that is being built, so I keep driving around looking for construction sites for townhomes.