I made an offer on a house and will be by the phone and email pretty much all day tomorrow hoping to hear if my offer was chosen.

I was kind of skeptical when I went to look at the house, because I didn’t know the neighborhood, but once I got there things started looking good. The neighborhood is older so the trees were left around the houses to be built and there is quite a bit of yard between the houses. As far as the inside of house goes, the inside is pretty standard and in good shape. If my offer wins then I will post some pictures of the house. (How many times have I said that I will post pictures?)When I wasn’t looking for a house or working, I was doing something for fun.

Last Saturday, I went to Lakeland to do an urban mountain bike race. The race consisted of going down the town hall steps, down some steps to a path around Lake Mirror, up a little hill, back along the lake, zig through a bank like drive through, up a parking garage, and back down the parking garage. I ended up in 7th out of 9 riders in the first timer class. I don’t think I did all that bad but I wish I was able to get there earlier to pre ride the course more.

Tonight I watched Collateral, last Thursday, I watched Mr. 3000. I liked both movies but, I think Collateral will end up on my list if DVD’s I’d like to have in my DVD collection.