It has definitely been quite a while since my last post here.

I think a lot of changes are happening in my life. I wish I could say more than I will here, but I think it is to personal to post for the world to see. Just keep me in prayer, that I’ll meet the right people to make the right influence.

It’s strange how much of my life has changed in the past two months. I was once loving Orlando and planning to buy a house here, now I’m having second thoughts on whether or not I want to stay here. I have been out of “permanent” employment for about two months now. This is what makes this time the most perplexing. I did a short term contract at a national shipping company for about a month and a half. That was a huge wake up call for me. In the past I’ve been in a comfort zone of sorts, my managers where generally nice people and were not trying to set me up for failure. At this sort term assignment, I felt like I was setup to fail from the beginning, I persevered through the assignment and I think they are happy with the product I left them but I’m not happy with it. I don’t think I can ever be happy with it, but there were factors out of my control that kept me from giving them the best product.

Most of my work since college has been programming. I think I do OK programming, but I don’t find a lot of satisfaction in programming. I’m not totally sure what aspect of MIS I could get the most personal satisfaction from. I think I would like to gather user requirements and draw up an interface for the users to see and test. I don’t mind thinking about the complexities that arise out of programming, but I get frustrated with the syntax. Every language has its own syntax and I find it is nearly impossible to remember everything and find myself spending a lot of time reading the documentation for simple concepts. In analysis and design, I wouldn’t need to be as concerned with the syntax of a programming language; instead I can focus on the logic and business rules that need to be written into the program in some way. I also like to tinker with programs to see what they do, and talk to the users about those programs. In my internship, I documented many changes to an application because of user feedback. I think the job I liked the most was my internship, hopefully I can find something similar but fulltime.

There’s also the problem of having a hard time justifying the end. I’ve written or was a part of writing some applications that do some really cool things, and in the end they might help some people save some money in the process of restoring their life to normalcy after an accident or help a company see that they need to hire more people, but in the end, I don’t think any major life change has occurred. This further leads me to think maybe I should be working for a ministry instead of in the corporate world. In regard to this, I think I need more faith as well as guidance as to where to look or what to expect should I pursue this route.

The above leads into the next concern on my mind, should I look for employment outside Orlando? I renewed our lease at the apartment thinking I’d find something new here but, aside from church and a couple of friends, I really don’t have any ties to Orlando. In theory, I could move to just about anywhere, but I do have some ideas as to where I’d like to live. I think I could live in Atlanta, Ga, or possibly a city in the north east, although I like the idea of being fairly close to the mountains.

So the above is most of what’s going on that I feel comfortable sharing.