It has been a while since I have posted. I have been searching for a job. I had a consulting assignment at UPS but that ended in July and I went back the first week of September to perform some maintenance. I liked things better the second time I was there. I did not feel nearly as pressured to match any of the previous numbers as they have finally agreed that was nearly impossible without the regional office telling me how they got the regional numbers.

This week UCF is hosting a job fair. I’m hoping to make some good contacts there as several larger companies should be present. Tomorrow I should be attending several workshops about how to work a job fair and resume preparation. Hopefully, I will be ready to hit the ground running at the job fair the following day.

I’m also looking at companies that are located outside my home area. I’m a little hesitant with this notion because I would have to make new friends when I move and I’m a generally shy person. I also have not visited very many cities. I’ve been to Atlanta for a week after Christmas and have determined I could live there. I just don’t know where else I would enjoy living.