I was going to write about what I did today but instead I will leave you with these thoughts.

I was driving in my car today, with a mix disc when some older Third Day music came on. I was listening to the Time album in the car, which is one of my favorite Third Day albums but, now that I’m at the computer, I’m listening to Conspiracy No. 5. I think so far every song that has come one speaks to how I feel about some area of my life.

Some songs that have stood out are below:

How’s Your Head?

Third Day

How’s your head? I’m so sorry

That I can’t do anything about it

Like I said, I’ll be praying

Here without you I feel helpless

Sorry I had to go away

Tomorrow’s just another day

without you here, I’ll have to say

Hold on to love

How’s your day? Do you miss me?

Right now I’ve only a minute

Called to say, I’m so sorry

And once again I feel helpless

God forbid we’d be apart

How close or shall I ask how far

are we until the demise of this helplessness

A part of “Alien:”

Keep your watch over me

Sustain the life in me

Frustrate the ways of every wicked man

Let me inside your home

Father defend my cause

Plead for my case and my innocence

Just like the alien,

I’m a stranger in a strange land

Just like the fatherless I am in need

of someone to take my hand

Just like the widow,

I need you right now to understand and save me.

Have Mercy

Third Day

My will won’t break, it barely bends

Same old sinner, the same old sin

On my knees to plead again

Confessions trial, where to begin?

Have mercy, on me a sinning man

Lord have mercy, on me a sinning man

From “This song was meant for you:”

You never know what the future holds for you

But of all I have heard this on thing’s true

Nothing can separate us from God’s love

In our lives there is abound to come some pain

Surely as there are storms and falling rain

Just believe that the one who holds the storms

Will bring the sun

Finally, from “Your love endures:”

Though the seasons change With the passing time

Your love endures forever

And the sun will fade If just for the night

Your love endures forever

Though our pains and joys Will come and go

Your love endures forever

Even in my fears I will always know

That your love endures forever…