It seems there are some other Brian Reeses out there. I have been contacted by at least two of them. Apparently I’m giving one in Michigan a bad name. So any of you who know the dude in MI, I’m not the same guy. I don’t live in MI or claim to be a pre-law student.

So, who am I?

Well, if you look through my other posts, you’ll find I believe in God and that he loves his creation. You will find that I believe that from the beginning we as mankind have a sinful nature (we desire to live life our way and get what we want out of it) that separates us from God. I believe God sent Jesus to live a human life and suffer death in our place as a provision for our sinful nature. Because of this, our relationship to God can be restored. The only way our fellowship with God can be restored is if we chose to accept God’s gift of salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ. The following Web site states this a little more clearly:

By day, I am an application developer. I’m working on specializing in Web application development. I’ve done a couple projects in the past and am working on obtaining a Microsoft certification.

In my spare time, I like to ride my bicycle and am currently training to do several long distance rides in Florida. I also like to take pictures and maintain this little Web site.

If reading about my interests entertains you, then keep coming back. Feel free to post comments too. Otherwise, don’t give all the other guys with my name a hard time, I’m only one person.