The title should be the theme of my weekend.

Wow! In many ways, today was a great day. I really enjoy being able to worship “on the floor” instead of “in the booth” and during the prayer service I was not needed in the a/v booth. There were many praises tonight. Several missions teams returned and shared the results of their trips as well as things to pray about. Hearing about missions always hits a soft spot in my soul, as I have great a respect for people who do missions work. The meeting concluded on a weird note, the minister to single adults resigned by letter read by the pastor and then we sang “How Great Thou Art.” I couldn’t really concentrate on the words to that hymn or even sing with heart though, as my mind was spinning from the previous announcement. So I’ll definately keep the career adult ministry in prayer as we have a new leader.

Saturday was a fun day for me. Greg asked me to be the audio engineer on the TMR truck for the Deland band festival. Greg mentioned that last year Mike did a stereo mix of the bands. I was a little skeptical at first b/c of how we were going to set up the mics and my experience with live audio in general but, we went over how it would work and Greg assured me that in the worst case he could mix it down to a mono mix. Once I was able to focus on the mix, and not worry about the wind, I was able to hear the “image” of the mix. I must say that I’m very pleased with the depth of the sound. I was a little surprised at the difference a stereo configureation would make to the overall sound of the mix.