So long 2005. Hello 2006.

In honor of the new year, I suppose this will be a 2005 top 10 things happened in my life.

  1. Was rearended by a drunk driver

  2. Removed popcorn ceiling texture

  3. Discovered that I can use Linux for 90% of my computing activities

  4. Almost bought a house

  5. No longer working for BestWorks and becoming a contractor

  6. Family reunion/road trip

  7. IDIDARIDE 2005 50 miles of off-road cycling in N. FL

  8. On CBM trip, blowing a tire on the way home

  9. Going to NC and building a playground for CBM

  10. Rafting in Ocoee, TN with friends

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I forget what they are after a month so I don’t see the point. This new year will certainly be interesting as I have a lot of things that could be happening.