So, it’s been four months since I’ve posted anything. I have a really good excuse, I promise. Forget excuses, how about a summary of the last four months of my life.

Where to begin… Perhaps the beginning of this blogging sabbatical is a good place to start. The first weekend of May was a trip to North Carolina for a service project. This was the second trip to Camp Grace. This time a group of six people went. Since there were fewer of us, we took on some smaller projects such as putting the walls on a bike storage structure, tweaking several bikes so they would be safe for the summer campers, teaching some children a Bible lesson on the rolling chapel among other things. Once again Frank was there and he was a huge blessing to our group.

Shortly after returning from North Carolina, I had something new. Something I hadn’t had in quite some time… Yep. I now have a wonderful girl friend. For those of you wondering her name is Colleen.

For some reason June is a little foggy. I finished up my database project at CHS and had applied for the web developer position. I interviewed for the position in July and started the position at the end of July. I’m currently converting our internet site so we can host it “in house.” Once that is complete, I am slated to begin redesigning their intranet web site. I also get to maintain the database that I finished up in June.

After finishing my project at CHS, I took a couple of days off to travel. My friend and former college roommate, Andrew, was getting married in Chicago. I went up to Chicago and met up with the old gang for the wedding and a mini vacation in the Windy City. After the wedding, we celebrated Independence Day with a fireworks show over Lake Michigan accompanied by the symphony in Grant Park. We also toured the Field Museum and went to see the view from the top of the Sears Tower. I can’t forget to mention the authentic Chicago deep dish pizza we had for lunch, I was really hungry and had three whole slices.

More recently, Colleen’s mom and step dad were in town for Labor Day. We went out for pancakes at the DeLeon Springs Sugar Mill as well as an eco tour of the river that the springs feed. The following day, we went to the Canaveral National Seashore’s Apollo Beach. Bret and I attempted to body surf some waves. Afterwards, we all ran from the mosquito swarm and into Colleen’s car, where we swatted mosquitoes the entire trip home. On Labor Day, we went searching for alligators on an air boat ride over Lake Jessup. We found several baby alligators and some birds, but we didn’t get very close to any adult alligators. This adventure was followed up by a small barbeque at the pool. We all had a good time that weekend.

I’d try and post some pictures from Chicago and Labor Day weekend, but I don’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer when I’m at home so, I haven’t implemented the photo album yet. Also it seems I have a lot going on, on the weekends. Most that is not of much interest, but nonetheless, I keep myself pretty busy.

While this isn’t a complete journal of my summer, I’m sure it’s enough to fill you in on my life. I suppose I could say more about Colleen, but I’ll leave our story for another entry since this one is already quite long.