It is finally winter time in Florida. I know this because we had our second major tornado event and it has been cold enough to require a jacket all day today. Hopefully, it was the last major weather event for the winter. However, I will not be surprised if there is another cold front that spawns tornados. The current weather conditions are conducive to that sort of storm.

I’m wondering if there is anything I could do to help those who were greatly affected by the storm. I know of a couple of things that could be done, so I’ll see what is possible. In our area, the worst we had to deal with was a series of intersections without power during the morning rush hour. I’m grateful that we were not in the direct path of the severe weather.

I did get an e-mail from someone at church that is organizing a group to go and help clear some of the damaged homes. They are in need of a Bobcat to help clear the debris. If you happen to know of where they could borrow one, I’ll pass the information along.